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Hot Rolled Products


Alloy Steel – 6Mn Cr5, 20Mn Cr5, SAE 8620, EN18, EN19, EN24, EN25, EN36, EN353, EN354, 15Cr Ni6, SAE 4135, SAE 4145
Carbon Steel – C20, C40, EN8, EN9, SAE1040, 20Mn2
Cold Working Die Steel – EN31, CW1, D2, D3
Spring Steel – 55Cr3, 50Si7, 55Si7, 60Si7, EN45, EN45A, SUP9, SUP9A, 55CrV4

Mechanical properties of each grade are dependent on requested handling of the materials.

Hot Rolled Products are created through a metal forming process where metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce thickness and create uniformity. The stock is heated to deform its microstructure and remains hot until the process is finished to prevent recrystallization. Some industries using hot rolled products are: Automotive, Railways, Electrical and Transmission Line, Petroleum, Agricultural Machinery, Mining, Marine, Industrial Machinery, Elevator, Material handling and Ornamental.

Alloy Steel
Alloy Steel is produced by oxygenating iron to remove a high percentage of carbon and eliminate impurities. It can be left with up to 2% of it’s weight in carbon content. Alloys aid in increasing strength but in doing so, it sacrifices ductility. In comparison, iron has less tensile strength and more ductility.

Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel is categorized as low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and high carbon steel. These categories are determined by the amount of carbon and additional alloys added. With the rise of carbon, heat treating increases the hardness and strength but scarifies the ductility and weldability.

Cold Work Die Steel
Cold Work Die Steel is a general purpose alloy steel with exceptional wear resistance, compression strength, heat resistance and machinability. Common uses are tool dies, shear blades, thread & form rolls and mill rolls.

Spring Steel
Spring Steel includes a wide range of steels which are typically low-alloy, medium to high carbon and very high yield strength which enables the material to withstand deflection and twisting to return to its original shape.